Tuesday, February 24, 2009


"Sekali lagi percubaan untuk ku memblog"

Hahaha. Yes. It's official. I'm back to blogging again. If I recall, I had two blogs prior to this one, and all of them went to a state of hiatus, and slowly, they rot and vanished. Anyway, gua bukan ade bende menarik pun nak tulis beb.

This time, it will be different. Not that I will write something super duper special to it, but rather, I will sincerely documenting the journey of my daughter and my family, and also perhaps for everyone who feels like they are endlessly chasing something as beautiful as the 'pelangi'. Kita semua dambakan kebahagiaan di dalam hidup, tapi Allah SWT telah merencanakan sesuatu untuk hamba-hambaNya. Fate, will not be interesting without a little twist of irony. So there you go, an introduction to a humble blog.


  1. huhuuu..at last, abi menulis juga.

  2. tulis aje apa yg terlintas di fikiran. menulis blog ni mcm syok sendiri aje. kita tulis kita baca sendiri... he, he, he..

  3. Walaweh..! Cool header.. Hehe.. Buat pertandingan header plg cool lah mcm ni. Ummi Dedek VS Abi Dedek.. Hehe.. Amacam?

    Kakak vote for Dedek lah! Huhuhu.. Anyway, cool blog, uncle.. ;p (*hi-5)